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We are International Diamonds Investment Company Private Free Zone (IDIC), located in Southern Shoneh in Jordan.    

We invite you to come invest at our industrial facilities. .

As an industrial free zone, IDIC is dedicated to provide investor companies with services and exemptions that make their investment endeavors in Jordan easy and efficient.  To offer just a few examples, the profits earned from your company's industrial project would be exempted from income and social service taxes.  If you import goods to our private free zone for parties other than local markets, those goods would be exempt from import fees, custom duties, and all other taxes and fees payable.  The buildings and facilities which are erected in the free zone would be exempt from licensing fees, building, and land taxes

IDIC offers numerous services to its investing companies which makes your industrial project a very beneficial and practical opportunity for your company.  To give you a few examples of our services: we provide you with facilities, services and infrastructure. Your company could register inside the free zone, instead of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, which saves you time and effort.  Moreover, land rental charges in the Jordanian free zones are the least among the other free zones in the world.

Currently, we are hosting Jordan River Company which is one of our investing companies.  It manufactures computers and computer peripherals.  If you would like, we can give you their contact information so you can ask them any questions and inquiries that you might have about their investing experience.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions and feel free to request any information that you need to help you make your decision.


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